The prizes

During the Competition's Final three main prizes will be awarded:

Grant of Colour

1000 €

Second place

750 €

Third place

500 €

The Rules of the Competition

  1. 1


    The competition is open to university graduates (Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design) who are under 31 years of age (i.e. born not earlier than 1 January 1990) or university students (Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design).

  2. 2


    The competition task is to prepare an interior design project for a selected school facility using Tarkett's products while taking into account the principles of colour design for educational facilities described in the Colour Study brochure. The interior design project can be made based on room plans of any school facility obtained by the Participant, a plan made available by the Competition Organizer or on the basis of the Participant's own design.

  3. 3


    At the project submission stage, the participants will specify the age group to which the visualised space is addressed as well as its function and profile.

    Appropriate categorisation of the project will be among the evaluation criteria. A detailed description of the guidelines is included in the regulations and the Colour Study.

  1. 4

    Deadline for submitting your projects

    From 15th April 2020 to 31st August 2020.

  2. 5

    The final

    From all submitted projects the Jury will select the three winners - Grant of Colour, 2nd and 3rd place – and the winners will receive attractive cash prizes.


The regulations of the competition

Learn the regulations of the Grant of Colour Competition


The Jury

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